As this storm approaches please be assured we are making preparations to be able to serve our community as best as possible. We have 4wheel drive emergency vehicles with plows, chains, and a full staff that will be housed at the station ready and waiting in the event there is an emergency.

Home owners should please take effort in keeping fire hydrants clear of snow. If you have called us for an emergency and hear us coming please have someone flag us down or flash your outside lights if you are able to, as some mailboxes and or addresses may not be clear due to poor visibility and snow depth.

If you do not have to travel in the snow please don’t! Stay home and stay safe so you don’t become one of the emergencies we are called to respond to!

Happy Birthday

As we prepare for the invoking snow we want to send a special Happy Birthday shout out to our very own JARRON WORMLEY! Jarron is currently a Sergeant here at LRVFC and has been a very dedicated member since he joined our company several years. So Jarron, on behalf of the LRVFC family we wish you a Happy Birthday from the bottom of our hearts and we hope you enjoy the snow.J. Wormley 460415-1

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to our very own KRISTA REMMERS. Krista is the current President here at LRVFC and has been a very dedicated member vital to the success within our company. Krista on behalf of the LRVFC family we wish you a Happy Birthday from the bottom of our hearts and we hope you see many many more.K. Remmers

In Memory of FADO Jarrett Dixon

This was a day that so many of us will never forget. Jarrett Dixon jd4was an extremely active member of our company and always pushed everyone to be the best that they 1could be. As a line officer, dedicated to the success of our company his passing left a hole that no one else will be able to fill. Rest Easy Brother. We are thinking of you often.

Getting Ready for the Holidays

Liberty Road Crews got together today to decorate the station and apparatus in preparation for Santa’s arrival. We look forward to seeing you as we escort Santa throughout our district. 20151205_171421For more information or to get on our informational list contact Sgt. Wormley 410-887-0651 ext. 226

Vehicle almost into water

1  Crews responded to a close call where a vehicle almost went off the road and into water while driving on a back road within our district. 3Fortunately occupants of the vehicle were able to exit the vehicle safely without entering the water. Please remember to drive safely with due regard to road conditions and visibility and always obey the posted 2speed limit in order to remain safe.


cyberPlease be patient while we fix our website. We just found out our entire website was attacked. The cyber attackers cyberattack_1805164bposted links to replica watches, removed our pictures, damaged our links, and changed our site. Please bear with us over the next few days as we add layers of security to our website. No financial information was compromised during this cyber attack.  Please stay tuned for further updates and be careful during the anticipated storms for the weekend of October 3-5, 2015. If you have any questions please reference the below email addresses.

  • Station Captain
  • Station President
  • Flea Markets
  • Hall Rentals
  • Additional questions? Call us at 410-922-7451 and listen to the prompts as they will provide information and a method to leave a voicemail SmileyShocked1

Water can be dangerous

20150930_001339 In the middle of the night Liberty Road crews were up tending to several flooded basements. In this incident water filled an exterior basement entrance 20150930_001609putting enough pressure on the door to cause it to buckle and eventually ripped it from the hinges. The door is seen on the other side of the room. When crews arrived there were several inches of water that flooded the basement causing water damage. We urge everyone to be safe when it comes to rapidly rising water as the power of water can be enough to injure or cause severe damage to persons or property in it’s path.

Serious crash in the middle of the night

20150927_025850Engine 461 responded to a single vehicle collision in which a vehicle struck a parked vehicle and a power line pole. The driver appeared to be 20150927_025904seriously injured requiring immediate medical attention that eventually led up to a medevac transport to a trauma center via the Maryland State
Police Aviation unit.20150927_025957

New Graduates

Congrats to two of our members 20150918_191048Joseph Lansey and Maria Basilio on their completion of the Baltimore City Fire Academy.  Over the past 5 years we have had 9 members join several career Fire Departments yet still volunteer where they earned their original skills. We thank all of you for your continued dedication20150918_185944

Pictured left to right

(Trent Thomas, Jarron Wormley, Kenneth McLaughlin, Joseph Lansey, Maria Basilio, Bernard Habersham)

Help us continue to help you

Please consider making a donation via paypal or sign up to have portions of your purchases donated to us via Amazon.  Every donation helps us to continue to serve the community.  Below are the links to both methods.  But, if donation via the internet isn’t for you we still accept donations via mail or a smiling face.

Paypal Link

You can even help us while shopping at Amazon smile.  Just go to and register the Liberty Road Volunteer Fire Company as your supported charity.  There are no additional fees Amazon does the rest through their charitable giving campaign.

Found Lost Puppies

Help get these puppies home! These dogs were found running along Liberty Road not far from our Station. Please call 410-887-0651 to help us reunite them with their families!


UPDATE- The pups were picked up last night by animal control. For anyone with info please call them at 410-887-7297. Reference ID # 03820 & 03821

*** UPDATE as of 8/7 at 1700 hours they WERE claimed by their owner

Annual Hose testing

Check out our members in action11755890_1015421238490426_6953586734612341087_n, annually we have to test all of our attack and supply lines that are on the engines.  THAT’S A TOTAL OF OVER 7000 FEET OF HOSE between Engine 461, Engine 464, and Special Unit 468.  While we were out testing hose we worked with several of our new and upcoming trainee drivers to ensure they understand how to pump the engines and multiple hoses at a time.

Our new Medic Unit

11713685_393873084135893_8208941185414869333_o 11539049_393873040802564_5923280666524463961_oCheck out our new medic unit!  This unit was placed in service by the members of the Liberty Road Volunteer Fire Company on August 4, 2015 at 1700hrs.  The vehicle is equipped with to provide Advance Life Support and Basic Life Support care.  It was built to spec by Mid-Atlantic Emergency Vehicles in Iowa and driven to our station.  It has improved/ increased storage space, updated HVAC systems for the front and patient care areas, and a new power stretcher.

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