Happy Birthday Breia

If you’ve heard about Liberty Road then you know one of our most animated & motivated members. Today we recognize the 24th year that Breia Walford has been on earth spreading smiles and cheer. Breia is one of our youngest lady firefighters currently training to become an EMT and is motivating many more to follow in her footsteps. Although she has only been with us 3 1/2 years you would think her personality is the model for why we volunteer to do what we do. This post was not only long but well deserved, as Breia is the definition of a hard worker, smile maker, and caring member within our company. So today we set aside a long post to Firefighter Breia Walford; without her constant reminders this week, the week before, and the week before that; along with the below collection of picture reminders for her birthday we would have never found enough content to make this paragraph. Happy Birthday Breia we wish you many more and look forward to following your progress in the many years to come.

Happy Birthday Mary


LRVFC would be remiss if we forgot to wish Mary Zufall-Turner a very happ birthday! Mary is a nurse who rides at LRVFC as a Paramedic. She has completed several degrees in the medical field and still finds time to run calls in between her many jobs. In February Mary will be a member for 6 years it is our pleasure to have you as a member and we wish you many more years to come.FB_IMG_1478225606041

Power Lines Down on Liberty Road

20161030_191827Power lines are nothing to play around with today we were dispatched on a power line down. IMG_1385Upon our arrival vehicles were observed driving over the arcing power line which is very dangerous. Please understand that electricity is extremely unpredictable andwith the amount of power being transmitted it is enough to easily take someones life or even multiple 20161030_191837peoples lives. In any circumstance involving downed power lines you should stay at least 200 feet away and never assume that your vehicle will protect you from the effects of electricity. 20161030_191907Once BGE arrived on scene the power line was determined to be one of three 13kv primary feeder lines that stepped down from a 35kv high line.

What this means to you; 1 kv is equivalent to 1000 volts. A typical house receives 220 volts at about 200amps, and the 13kv is enough to power entire IMG_1386neighborhoods. Please do not drive over wires down, choose an alternate route because we can not rescue you until the power is cut off and it is deemed safe by BGE. Fortunately no one was hurt during this incident but the amount of heat produced could have caused the insulated line to stick to a vehicle as it drove by thus producing disastrous results.

Happy Birthday

1977311_10152531567250807_833899981248941657_nLRVFC would like to wish Steve Wolf a very happy birthday. Steve has been a member since 1979 and is a current engine driver, firefighter, and EMT. Steve has served on the board of directors and as the president and vice president of the company. We’d like to wish Steve a very happy birthday and many more for the future.12322592_806663876100993_5158986749615945789_o

Happy Birthday

1268857_10207674069785490_297325435048766885_oLRVFC would like to wish Jason Duncan a very happy birthday. Jason has been a member for less than one year. When he came to us he had all of his certifications and quickly immersed himself back into the fire culture. Jason has logged over 2500 hours this year in station and over 420 calls this year. We wish Jason a very special Happy Birthday and many more with us.398_10208462525776397_6799870729448613969_n

Happy Birthday

12191378_10153699527729660_7584617035841406297_oLRVFC would like to wish Mirla Martin a very happy birthday. Mirla is the current Vice President and has been a member for the past 5+ years. Mirla is a current EMT and rides our medic unit when she isn’t taking care of her family or working endless hours in the office. On behalf of LRVFC Happy Birthday Mirla and we wish you many more in the future.1936109_10154186350879660_4905382854237699856_n

Happy Birthday

LRVFC would like to wish Sergeant Trent Thomas a very happy birthday. Trent has been with LRVFC for the past 5 years and has accomplished many things during his time with us including a very prosperous career with another jurisdiction. Trent still finds time on his day off to come up and ride at LRVFC to practice his EMS and Fire skills. Hats off to you Trent and we wish you many more in the future.IMG953496

Happy Birthday

13701025_10207029786447926_9124601407640049292_oLRVFC would like to wish Rolando Florez-Lopez a very happy birthday. Rolando has been a member for roughly a year and a half and just successfully completed his National and Maryland Paramedic course. We look forward to seeing Rolando on the road saving lives in the community.10270783_10202402488368366_8437384253809075163_n

Happy Birthday

LRVFC would like to wish Michael Bossman a very Happy Birthday and Happy 20 year Anniversary of being a member at Liberty Road. Mike as we all know him; is a Firefighter/ EMT and a vital contributor to our company. Mike has always been happy to help others and when he’s not with his blood family he’s here with us as a part of his extended family. Happy Birthday Mike and we hope you enjoyed your day!62944_443582233918_6522058_n 291265_10150290291163919_2067245_o

Community Cohesion Initiative


On Saturday, August 20, 2016 Thursday, August 25, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. the Liberty Road Volunteer Fire Company will be hosting a town hall meeting designed to facilitate a better understanding between citizens and 1st responders. We will invite local community leaders to discuss concerns in hopes that we can and will form a working partnership within our communities with our 1st responders. Please print out our flyer below and share it.

Open Forum LRVFC Flyer

For more information please contact one of the following:

Events@LRVFC.org          VicePresident@LRVFC.org          Captain@LRVFC.org       President@LRVFC.org

National Night out

The event has been held annually since 1984 and is sponsored by the National Association of Town Watch in the United States and Canada. It is held on the first Tuesday in August but in some states they go with the first Tuesday in October. 20160802_184247The event is meant to increase awareness about police programs in communities, such as drug prevention, town watch, neighborhood watch, and other anti-crime efforts. The events are typically organized by block watches, non-for-profit organizations, companies, and police departments. 20160802_201516These events can be as simple as backyard cookouts to full-blown festivals like the one on the west side of Columbus, Ohio. The Ogden Block Watch in Columbus organizes one of the largest of this type of National Night Out festival which includes live music, food, and entertainment. Any community association with a C.O.P. program can qualify to host an event and some jurisdictions will provide support funding to support such events. 20160802_201549Our members came out, set up tables, danced with the kids, gave tours of our fire engine & support vehicles, and helped provide information regarding volunteer opportunities within the company.20160802_182930

July 2016 Storm

20160731_091630 Here are some aftermath pictures from yesterday’s 25+ calls yesterday. One thing 20160731_091651to learn is standing water is not always what is appears to be. There can be very strong under currents, missing roadways, underwater obstacles, and water 20160731_092500depths that are not what you think they are. Please do not drive through standing water; at one location we watched 4 vehicles attempt to drive through standing water and all get stranded despite our attempts to stop people.20160731_091858 In another location we found approximately 15 vehicles stranded due to several roads being washed out, under water, or bridges riddled with debris. 20160731_103510No trip is worth your life property can be replaced however you can not be.

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to Terri Bixler; Terrie has been an active member for over 6 years. She currently serves as the Company Secretary on our Board of Directors. We hope you have a great day and enjoyed your party last weekend.13879382_1248647071834507_5283669887781243921_n 13886331_1248647091834505_4214924958550495804_n

Happy Birthday

LRVFC would like to wish one of our most entertaining members a very Happy Birthday. Evoria aka Rockstar has been a member of the company since January and has completed all of her pre-requisites to ride on calls. She most recently has completed the EMR class prior to taking her next class to be a firefighter. 13445789_491388174383100_567940380298704456_n 13781931_859642087475386_3799664068966606817_n

Helping W. VA

Our Department is currently collecting items on the list below to help our Brothers and Sisters of West Virginia VFD who were impacted by the terrible floods. We will be taking donations at the station to send out to West Virigina this weekend. Donations can be dropped off Saturday during the flea market!!

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Work gloves
  • First aid supplies – BLS items, e.g. band aids, gauze, tape, 4 x 4s,
  • slings, cardboard splints, rubber gloves, BP cuffs, stethoscopes,
  • glucometers, Hydrogen Peroxide, topical antibiotics, etc. & first out bags (to put kits together)
    • We are trying to put together jump kits that first responders can use when they are going out into areas on ATVs/UTVs so that we can decrease our load on ALS units. Our basic first aid supplies in some areas have been decimated by the need. We don’t need ALS supplies or IV equipment.
  • Square pointed shovels
  • Wheel barrows
  • Garden hoses & nozzles
  • Extension cords/power strip bars (with ground faults)
  • Rakes
  • Industrial type brooms (Items #3, 4, 5, 6. & 7 will be used by fire departments to help clean out homes and buildings from the mud/muck that seems to be everywhere)
  • Flashlights & batteries
  • Heavy duty garbage bags
  • Socks – both men’s & women’s
  • Bug repellant
  • Sun screen
  • Energy bars, Nutri-Grain bars, etc. – healthy snacks
  • Bunker gear sanitizing solution – we have access to some gear washers but lack the sanitizing solution
  • Cleaners like Simple Green, Pine Sol, etc. to clean equipment

Continued prayers for our first responders and the lives impacted by these deadly waters…

Happy Birthday

Station 46 would like to give a BIG Happy Birthday wish to Rachel Nichols! Rachel is a long time supporter of LRVFC and works hard to help with fund raising and advertising our events! We hope you have a great day!!!


Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Morgan Phillips; Morgan has been with us for 5 years! She is currently an EMT and has served in several positions within the Fire Company. On behalf of LRVFC we wish Morgan a very happy birthday.251151_228450633831645_6135876_n 376603_310417565634951_2049923818_n

Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday to Eric Remmers, Eric has been with LRVFC for almost 10 years. Eric currently is a Firefighter/ Emergency Medical technician with LRVFC. He has served in numerous positions to include Sergeant, 2nd EMS Lieutenant, Board of Director. On behalf of LRVFC we would like to wish Eric a very happy birthday.


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