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This Holiday season Join the Liberty Road Volunteer Fire Company in celebrating our community. We have a number of events and activities we will be participating in this year. 


Santa Clause is Coming to Town!

Throughout the month of December, the Liberty Road Volunteer Fire Company will be taking Santa Clause throughout the community.  For more information and to see the dates and communities Santa is visiting this year please click here

Please remember, our FIRST PRIORITY is responding to Emergency Incidents, but we will try to follow this schedule as best as we can! Santa may cancel due to inclement weather. 


We appreciate your enthusiasm with seeing us along with Santa however we want you to be safe on our routes. Please remain on the curb when you see us, a LRVFC staffer will come to you if necessary. This year we have incorporated several Santa Stops throughout our neighborhoods to accommodate high occupancy areas. If you are unable to make it to one near your home you can meet us at another santa stop along our route.


We will begin each night around 6 pm and will end before 9pm each night and look forward to seeing your beautiful smiling faces. Please keep in mind we still respond to emergency calls as they come in and may have to stop Operation Holiday Cheer. 


Please check out the route page prior to the event to confirm Santa's arrival. 

To view Live Tracker in Full Screen Click Here

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