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Volunteer Membership Benefits

Maryland Tax Credit, Retirement Program, Great Experience … Just to Name A Few

The real reward is how you’ll feel about yourself — but that’s just the beginning.

Being a volunteer with a Maryland Fire/EMS department brings with it many benefits including a healthy state income tax deduction, a LOSAP (Length of Service Award Program) with retirement benefits, scholarship opportunities, professional development and leadership training and much more.

Check out an overview of the many benefits below to learn more. Please note that benefits vary by county and department so please ask for specific information when you speak with someone from the department you apply with.

Free Training

Whether you're interested in fire, rescue, or emergency medical services, LRVFC will sponsor your training at no cost to you. The Maryland Fire & Rescue Institute and the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems offer numerous high-quality courses throughout the year, including Firefighter I & II, Rescue Technician, Emergency Medical Technician, and many others.

These courses are free of charge to active members of the department and offer an opportunity for progression through our operational roles and ranks. Classes are conveniently class are scheduled regional to meet just about anyone’s needs — including nights and weekends.

A Second Family Like No Other

When you walk in the door of the firehouse, you’ll be home. You are not just a volunteer with a great organization with an important mission serving the community. You’ll find a second family waiting for you. Give back to your community in the process — neighbors helping neighbors.


Few volunteer opportunities have such a direct impact on the community as the volunteer fire and EMS service. Providing life-saving and necessary emergency services to citizens in need is a fulfilling, purposeful, and substantive way to support safe local communities.

Tax Anchor

Maryland Tax Incentives

You may be a volunteer but that doesn’t mean there are no financial incentives. Qualifying company members receive a variety of state tax incentives, including up to a $5,000 tax credit after three years of active service with a volunteer fire/EMS department in Maryland.

LOSAP Anchor

LOSAP / Retirement Program

The LOSAP is a county program that provides a monthly cash award after 25 years with a volunteer fire, rescue or EMS department in Baltimore County.

Scholarship Anchor

Scholarships & Tuition Reimbursement

A number of private and public scholarships are available to qualifying members of our company who are pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees. 

The Maryland State Fireman’s Association (MSFA) offers a variety of scholarships to members of the state’s volunteer fire, rescue and EMS service. These programs are awarded through the organization’s scholarship committee.

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